About Tov Co.

We exist to bring emotional health and mental fortitude to individual leaders and teams because every organization deserves a team that supports each other toward a common goal to achieve great things.

Who We Are

When covid hit in 2020 I was a year into a church plant in Austin, TX and the lockdowns and restrictions placed on us resulted in the end of our church and the loss of a dream that I held so dearly. Lost, confused, and hurting I realized that I desperately needed help to pull myself out of the state I was in. That’s when I discovered the benefit of coaching and counseling. I started attending a group called Next Level Leadership and it called me to a higher place as I found purpose in my life and calling yet again.

I recognized what coaching had accomplished in my own life and began feeling an intense passion for others to experience the same joy that I have through having an outside perspective and speaking regularly with someone who was not on my staff and not too close to my situation that they couldn’t give me honest feedback. This sent me on a journey to start Tov Co. so that I can give the gift that I received through great coaching and consulting.

The Team

Josh Morris


Nathan Watkins

Executive Coach

Matt Birkenfeld

Business Manager

Laura Crate

Executive Coach

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