Organizational Leadership Consulting

We work with businesses, churches, and non-profits to create healthy organizations and to develop great leaders. Every organization is made of people and with that comes the responsibility of leadership. We raise up and train the leaders within an organization which reduces turnover and greatly impacts productivity.

Tov Leader Groups

Tov Leader is our one-year group coaching model and is the best way to grow in leadership. Group coaching offers something that individual coaching cannot, which is the support of the group and the perspectives of the group as well as a deep sense of community.

Leadership Intensive

Our Leadership Intensive is a great way to begin with leadership coaching. Intensive’s are always a small group of people where we discuss the difficulties and limitations of leadership and teach the four virtues of leadership.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is designed to help high level leaders grow in their skills as a leader and is a great opportunity to gain outside perspectives. Leadership can be quite lonely at times and we can all experience growth at a rapid rate by having space to process individual hurdles.

Custom Solutions

At Tov Co. we are all about the client and here to serve your organization to see the results you are desiring for your employees. Consultations are free and we can design a program to grow the mental fortitude and leadership health that you desire for the leaders and managers within your organization.

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