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Josh Morris


After doing ministry in churches vocationally for the last 20 years, Josh recently stepped out to start Tov Co. after seeing a need in businesses, churches and non-profits for healthy leaders to have a place to grow in mental and spiritual fortitude. Growing up as a pastor’s kid and then working in nearly every area of the church, he saw the toll that ministry can take on leaders and developed a desire to see men and women stay in their positions of leadership without being taken out by failures, emotional pain, and burnout. In his previous positions he was overseeing multi-million dollar budgets and several hundred staff members and he noticed that we are traditionally open to consultants and experts in finance, operations and management but rarely engage in coaching people to be their best. This is often done by the manager whether they have experience in coaching or not and the results are mixed. Josh’s vision for Tov Co. is to help grow teams that work together, handle conflict in healthy ways, and eliminate much of the sideways energy that often cause organizations to be less productive and more divisive. Josh is married to Hannah and they have two kids: Grady and Willow.

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